Next on CLBR: Will Antigua Become Haven for Online Piracy and the Supremes Keep Amazon Hanging On


SEGMENT 1:  Will Antigua Become a Haven for Online Piracy
with Joseph Kelly

See  US-Antigua Online Gambling Dispute Overview

joeJoseph M. Kelly, Ph.D., J.D., is a Professor of Business Law at State College at Buffalo. He is licensed to practice law in Nevada, Illinois and Wisconsin. He is also co-editor of Gaming Law Review.

Professor Kelly is considered an expert in the field of gaming and has been an invited speaker on gaming topics throughout the world, including Berlin, Rome, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Cannes, Edinburgh, New Delhi, Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Switzerland.  His extensive writings include works on British, German, Native American, West Indian, and Internet gambling law. Professor Kelly’s law review publications have been cited on ten occasions as authority by federal district and appellate courts, as well as state appellate and supreme courts

Professor Kelly’s article on Internet gambling law has been cited in the chapters on Internet gambling by The Gambling Review Report, which was presented to British Parliament by the Secretary of State of Culture Media and Sport in July 2001.  He co-authored a report on “Problem Gambling and Self Exclusion,” which was accepted on August 14, 2002, by the South African Responsible Gambling Trust. Another of his works was “Enforcement of Casino Gambling Debts,” Am. Jur. Proof of Facts, 3rd series, vol. 71, 193-320 (2003) and he was the co-author of “Enforcement of International Gambling Debts in “Am. Jur. Proof of Facts, 3rd series, vol. 87, 1-124 (2006).

Professor Kelly has been used as an expert witness for Park Place Casino, Boyd Gaming, and Harvey’s Casino as well as card clubs in San Jose California.  He has appeared as an expert witness before the Virgin Islands Casino Control Commission (2004), the South African Parliamentary Committee on Trade and Industry (2003) and in 2007 appeared as an expert poker witness in the trial of R v Kelly (Gutshot) in Snaresbrook Crown Court (London), UK.




SEGMENT 2:  The Supreme Court Refuses to Hear New York Amazon Tax, Returning Focus to Congress with Rebecca Madigan

See – Supreme Court Not Delivering for Amazon

Rebecca Madigan is executive director of the Performance Marketing Association. Since leading the formation of the PMA in 2008, Rebecca has built the PMA to be the only trade association representing performance advertising, both online and offline. The PMA has committed to connect, inform and advocate on behalf of this growing industry, most recently lobbying Congress on sales tax reform and spearheading over 60 grassroots campaigns in the fight against ‘affiliate nexus tax’ legislation. Rebecca is one of the country’s leading subject matter experts in Federal sales tax reform and Internet sales tax legislation, as well as online advertising, emerging advertising models and e-commerce. She is frequently consulted by the legal community, trade and mass media, and analysts covering advertising, the Internet, social and mobile media, e-commerce, privacy and sales tax public policy, and emerging markets. Rebecca is often quoted in notable media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Associated Press and Tax Notes. Rebecca is a frequent public speaker at such conferences as Ad:Tech, OMMA Global, Telsey Advisory Group Consumer Conference, and American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) conferences.  She has also testified at over a dozen state legislative hearings regarding Internet sales tax reform. Rebecca was formerly director of product management at Commission Junction, Impact Radius, and at Lurn, Inc., where, with Anik Singal,  they launched the formation of the PMA in April 2008.  She has collected 25 years of leadership experience in product management and marketing. She has had the pleasure of working with many very talented people in pioneering industries such as wireless data, voice-over-IP, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and online affiliate marketing. She has been a member of technology standards and professional organizations such as WAP Forum, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN Special Interest Groups (IEEE 802.15 and 802.11), Mobile Advisory Council, and GSM, CDMA, TDMA and CDPD mobile technology standards groups. She holds a bachelor degree in Anthropology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and lives in southern California.