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Next Edition:  The Gigabit City

gigabit city

As Los Angeles explores becoming the biggest city to become a Gigabit City, we will talk with Steve Reneker, the city’s General Manager of the city’s Information Technology Agency about the Los Angeles initiative.  Then we will talk with David Sandel on Giganomics and the State of the Gig Union.

Segment 1: Making the City of Angels a Gig City


Steve Reneker
General Manager
Los Angeles Information Technology Agency

Steve Reneker is the General Manager for the Information Technology Agency of the City of Los Angeles since January 2013.  Prior to that, he served as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) for the City of Riverside and Executive Director for SmartRiverside, a non-profit organization since 2005.  At the City of Riverside he managed the Information Technology Department which is outsourced to Xerox.  He also formed SmartRiverside which developed programs to attract and retain High Technology companies in Riverside and also operated a City wide wireless Internet project with Digital Inclusion that provides free training, PCs and Internet for low income families in Riverside.  The City of Riverside was recognized in 2012 as the Most Intelligent Community in the World by the Intelligent Community Forum.    Prior to joining the City he worked for Dell in business development, and has worked in IT for over 30 years including CIO roles at the County of Riverside, City of Aurora in Colorado, and the Eastern Municipal Water.  He graduated from Cal State University San Bernardino with a BS in Management Science

Segment 2:  Giganomics and the State of Gig Union

sandelDavid Sandel
Sandel & Associates

St. Louis, MO

David is an accomplished Gigabit City executive focused on leadership, planning and the successful execution of Gigabit Community or Smart City economic development initiatives. As President of Sandel & Associates. David and his team work with cities, community organizations and service providers to develop plans for the economic development of their Gigabit Community or Smart City. In this regard, David currently serves as an advisor to the Google Fiber Mayors Bi-state Innovation Team MBIT and Mid-America Regional Council MARC of Kansas City.

David is also the founder of The Gigabit City Summit. The Gigabit City Summit is a Telepresence based global round-table which explores the issues of leadership, funding, economic development and collaboration that are central to the success of all Gigabit Community or Smart City initiatives. Cities that have participated in the global round-table thus far include San Francisco, Kansas City, St. Louis, Toronto, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Singapore.

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