CLBR – Summer Hiatus

We will be on summer hiatus for the next three weeks and will return to live broadcasts on August 15.  In this post, we want to update you on upcoming shows and news updates, as well as to recommend some recent shows you may want to check out.

News Updates

Upcoming Shows

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Check Out These Other 2018 Shows


We The Corporations with Adam Winkler.  The book was recently recommended by none other than Supreme Court Justice Breyer.

clbr bitcoin

Bitcoin, Blockchain Hype v Reality with Angela C. Walch.  Blockchain contains to be a hot item of discussion.

Tech Giants

How to Tame the Tech Giants with OMI’s Kevin Carty.  After Google’s latest EU antitrust fine, the debate over whether US antitrust regulators have missed the ball on tech gained steam.

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Block Island, Old Harbor

Aerial view of Block Island Old Harbor
By Ionna22 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons