CLBR #289: How to Tame the Tech Giants with OMI’s Kevin Carty

How to Tame the Tech Giants
with Open Market Institute’s Kevin Carty


Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have all come under scrutiny for anticompetitive behavior and market domination, with increasing calls that it may be necessary to break up one or all of these entities (see image below).  This debate was fueled by New York University professor Scott Galloway (author of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google) and by commentaries by Matt Stoler and Lina Kahn from the Open Markets Institute (“OMI”).  See Antitrust and the Tech Giants: A Reader.  OMI reporter Kevin Carty joins us to discuss this debate.

Amazon Controls 46 percent of e-commerce transactions.

Kevin Carty

Reporter/Researcher Open Markets Institute
Website / Tweet @PolitiCarty

Kevin Carty is a reporter/researcher with the Open Markets Institute, where he covers technology and platforms, as well as other competition and market consolidation issues. He previously worked as a tech policy reporter at Morning Consult, covering legislative and regulatory action on Capitol Hill and at the Federal Communications Commission.

Kevin has a BA in political science from Brown University, where he studied political theory and completed an honors thesis on the role of public political action in the liberal state. He is particularly interested in democratic theory, republicanism, and political economy.

The Open Markets Institute uses journalism to promote greater awareness of the political and economic dangers of monopolization, identifies the changes in policy and law that cleared the way for such consolidation, and fosters discussions with policymakers and citizens as to how to update America’s traditional political-economic principles for our 21st-century digital society.

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