2017 CLBR Heroes: Hurricane Heroes Jayden Perez & Family, J.J. Watt and Tim Duncan

On December 20, CLBR will have our annual year-end Heroes and Zeros episode in which, with guests Brenda Christensen, Denise Howell and Dan Tynan, we highlight those doing wonderful things on the internet and those deserving a cyber lump of coal.  This year, in order to give credit (and shame) where it is due,  I am naming my hero and zero “nominees” individually.

Jayden Perez & Family

GoFundMe Page


CLBR has always had a soft spot for kids who help others, like last year’s hero Natalie Hampton a 16-year-old Los Angeles student who launched a free mobile app to help bullied students find accepting classmates and a seat in the school cafeteria.

This year’s young achiever is 8-year old Jayden Perez and his family from New Jersey who organized a toy drive for children in Puerto Rico.

Perez’s mother, Ana Rosado, launched a GoFundMe page and their efforts have yielded over 1,000 toys from all over the country.  Jayden will make his first trip to Puerto Rico over Christmas, as he and his mother distribute the toys on Three Kings’ Day, a highly-celebrated holiday on the island during which kids traditionally receive gifts.

J.J. Watt

YouCaring Page / @JJWatt

J.J. Watt is four-time First Team All-Pro defensive lineman with the Houston Texans and three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.  He raised over $37 million for hurricane relief, which earned him co-Sportsperson of the Year from Sports Illustrated.

Tim Duncan

YouCaring Page / @DuncanRelief 

Tim Duncan is one greatest basketball players in history.  A five-time NBA champion, two-time MVP and fifteen-time All-Star with the San Antonio Spurs, he is also a native of St. Croix and remembers the recovery from Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  Duncan has matched contributions to his fund which has raised $2.8 million.


Annual Heroes and Zeros Show

Listen on Wednesday, December 20th at 1PM ET / 10AM PT on WebmasterRadio.fm as I discuss the Heroes and Zeros for 2017 with our special guests – Brenda Christensen, Denise Howell and Dan Tynan.

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