2017 CLBR Hero: Eric Garcetti, The Tech Mayor

On December 20, CLBR will have our annual year-end Heroes and Zeros episode in which, with guests Brenda Christensen, Denise Howell and Dan Tynan, we highlight those doing wonderful things on the internet and those deserving a cyber lump of coal.  This year, in order to give credit (and shame) where it is due,  I am naming my hero and zero “nominees” individually and my next hero is Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The tech community was strongly behind Eric from the beginning of his mayoral campaign and he has lived up to their expectations.  Among his initiatives:


CityLinkLA is the initiative to ensure high-speed, high-quality and affordable Internet access for all residents and businesses in Los Angeles.  The goal is to provide basic access to all for free or at a very low cost and gigabit (1 Gbps) or higher speed access at competitive rates.   (See CLBR “The Gigabit City”.)


GeoHub gives city staff, businesses, app developers, nonprofit organizations, and the public access to the city’s location-based data through an online portal. People can download datasets as shapefiles, KML files, or into spreadsheets. They can also visualize the data as online maps using ArcGIS. GeoHub combines the city’s geographic data into a location-as-a-service (LaaS) platform, allowing users to access live, continuously updated data directly from the city as a service—rather than as a static download—and create dynamic applications on the fly.

Cyber Lab

The Los Angeles Cyber Lab is a first of its kind public-private-partnership, dedicated to protecting personal and protected information from malicious cyber threats by facilitating and promoting innovation, education, and information sharing between Los Angeles’ public and private sectors for the benefit of all our city’s businesses and residents. LA Cyber Lab is dedicated to sharing the latest cybersecurity threat data, alerts, and intelligence gathered by the city of Los Angeles and its partners. A Board of Advisors, led by Mayor Eric Garcetti and consisting of leadership from top Los Angeles businesses and government officials, develops policy and practices to help guide the LA Cyber Lab’s mission. Membership will be open to all businesses and LA residents at no cost.


Eric Garcetti

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Website  /  @MayorOfLA and @ericgarcetti  

Eric Garcetti is the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. His “back to basics” agenda is focused on job creation and solving everyday problems for L.A. residents.

Garcetti was elected four times by his peers to serve as President of the Los Angeles City Council from 2006 to 2012. From 2001 until taking office as Mayor, he served as the Councilmember representing the 13th District which includes Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Atwater Village — all of which were dramatically revitalized under Garcetti’s leadership.

Garcetti was raised in the San Fernando Valley and earned his B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University. He studied as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and the London School of Economics and taught at Occidental College and USC. A fourth generation Angeleno, he and his wife, Amy Elaine Wakeland, have a young daughter. He is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy reserve and is an avid jazz pianist and photographer.

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