CLBR #254: Scott Zucker on Colin Kaepernick, Raiders and Social Media Oh My

Daytona Beach News Journal Sports Editor
Scott Zucker Returns to CLBR

With March Madness in full bloom, the NBA Playoffs and the baseball season about to start, we thought we would check in with Scott Zucker – especially in light of his recent column “Passer rating, not politics, hurting Kaepernick” coming days after President Trump’s statements about the quarterback.

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We will cover the Kaepernick controversy, the Oakland Raiders planned move to Las Vegas, social media in sports and even Footy McFootface – the front runner in the contest to pick a name for San Diego’s soccer team.

See A Brief History of NFL Relocations (Updated)

zuckerAbout Scott Zucker (@scottzucker)

Scott Zucker currently is the Sports Editor for the Daytona Beach News Journal.  He spent many years covering the NFL and other sporst for USA Today where he was the Assistant Managing Editor for USA Today Sports.

He is a classmate and fraternity brother from American University in Washington, D.C.


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