CLBR #240: Chief Outsiders and the Growth Gears

Chief Outsiders and the Growth Gears

With Art Saxby and Pete Hayes authors of The Growth Gears



Are you running a highly successful company that just doesn’t seem to be growing?
You may be so operationally focused that you’ve ignored one of the most important
aspects of an expanding business―working from a market-based perspective. In The
Growth Gears, Art Saxby and Pete Hayes share their linear method of transforming
into a market-focused organization.

This book provides a simple framework as well as tools and action steps for identifying
and adding these “gears” to give your company a set of repeatable behaviors and
processes to fully capitalize on your market potential.

About Chief Outsiders


Federal KlearGear Law Passes Senate, Heads to President Obama

The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 protects covered communication which is defined as

written, oral, or pictorial review, performance assessment of, or other similar analysis of, including by electronic means, the goods, services, or conduct of a person by an individual who is party to a form contract with respect to which such person is also a party.

The bill prohibits form contracts that

  • prohibits or restricts the ability of an individual who is a party to the form contract to engage in a covered communication;
  • imposes a penalty or fee against an individual who is a party to the form contract for engaging in a covered communication; or
  • transfers or requires an individual who is a party to the form contract to transfer to any person any intellectual property rights in review or feedback content, with the exception of a non-exclusive license to use the content, that the individual may have in any otherwise lawful covered communication about such person or the goods or services provided by such person.

Cruel and Unusual?

Kensington Police Service, which operates in the province of Prince Edward Island in Canada, announced on Facebook this week that “those dumb enough to feel they can drink and drive” in the remainder of the year will be slapped with not only a hefty fine, a year’s driving suspension, and a criminal charge—but also “a bonus gift of playing the office’s copy of Nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail.”


Happy Birthday to our Producer

Jorge “Brasco” Hermida celebrated his birthday Saturday.

Past Guests Named in ABA Blawg 100

The ABA has released its annual Blawg 100 of top legal blogs and among them were Lawfare, whose editor, Jill Hennessey appeared on this show earlier this year.  In addition,  the ABA elevated Santa Clara Law Professor Eric Goldman‘s Technology and Marketing Law Blog to the Blawg Hall of Fame.  Congratulations.

Giving Tuesday

34 Years Ago – Michael Jackson Released Thriller


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