CLBR #231: Clinton v Trump on Tech with Webcology’s Jim Hedger

Clinton v Trump on Tech with Webcology’s Jim Hedger


We are thrilled to welcome back Webcology host Jim Hedger (@jimhedger). Jim has been a webmaster and SEO for over 15 years. He offers not only a tech perspective, but as a resident of Toronto, he can provide a Canadian perspective on this most unusual election.

We have prepared a backgrounder on the candidates positions on tech related issues.

In addition, I have a column today in Huffington Post on the media frenzy over Hillary Clinton’s health entitled  I Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On Cable News: The Lunacy Of Pneumonia-Gate.

News Updates

calbaripCal Bar IP Section Has Successful IP and the Internet Conference

The event hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco featured many past CLBR guests including Heather Antoine,  Ian Ballon, Francoise Gilbert,  Eric Goldman, Karl Kronenberger, Corynne McSherry and Dan Tynan.

Pictured left is the opening panel of Santa Clara law professor Eric Goldman, former Facebook GC and CPO Chris Kelly and myself.

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended.

Airbnb Challenges Santa Monica Short Term Rental Ordinance.

Santa Monica has  won at least one conviction against a rental operator, but likely went too far in demanding that Airbnb take down the listings.

Brazil Impeaches President and Expels Impeachment Leader

From Huffington Post: Two weeks after the removal of Dilma Rousseff as Brazil’s president, the lower house of Congress on Monday expelled the lawmaker who engineered her impeachment for lying about secret bank accounts in Switzerland.

13434696_1191717424218323_1682306159347948327_nKudos to Natalie Hampton on Sit With Us Luanch

From the LA Daily News: Natalie Hampton, 16, of Sherman Oaks, plans to launch a free web application mid-September that encourages student leaders to create an inclusive atmosphere to counteract a growing trend playing out in cafeterias and cyberspace, where bullies are known to thrive.

The app is called “Sit With Us.” It provides a way for isolated students to join lunch groups anonymously.