CLBR #226 – HACKED with Charlie Mitchell

HACKED: The Inside Story of America’s Struggle to Secure Cyberpsace
with Charlie Mitchell

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The spectacular cyber attack on Sony Pictures and costly hacks of Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and databases containing sensitive data on millions of U.S. federal workers have shocked the nation. Despite a new urgency for the president, Congress, law enforcement, and corporate America to address the growing threat, the hacks keep coming—each one more pernicious than the last—from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, the Middle East, and points unknown. The continuing attacks raise a deeply disturbing question: Is the issue simply beyond the reach of our government, political leaders, business leaders, and technology visionaries to resolve? In Hacked, veteran cybersecurity journalist Charlie Mitchell reveals the innovative, occasionally brilliant, and too-often hapless government and industry responses to growing cybersecurity threats. He examines the internal power struggles in the federal government, the paralysis on Capitol Hill, and the industry’s desperate effort to stay ahead of both the bad guys and the government


About Charlie Mitchell

Charlie Mitchell, former editor-in-chief of Capitol Hill’s Roll Call, is the editor and co-founder of Inside Cybersecurity, an independent, premium news service that goes inside Congress, the White House, corporate boardrooms, and security command centers to explain cyber policymaking to a professional audience. He resides in Washington, D.C.

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