CLBR 221 – Hacking the Core with Tom Nora

Hacking the Core with Tom Nora

hack1TOM NORA – an Internet Entrepreneur ♦  Front End Consultant ♦ Tech Business Strategist ♦ CEO Coach ♦ Nighttime code monkey ♦  Author ♦  Photographer ♦  Blogger ♦ returns to CLBR to discuss his new e-book, “Hacking the Core”.

He last joined us in 2013 to give a report from SXSW in Austin.  Tom joins us today to talk about his soon to be released book, “Hacking the Core” which deals with key themes such as innovate, entrepreneur, Porsche, Steve Jobs and Apple,

robots, Google and fear.  Tom explains that:

Hacking The Core (HTC) is a term I hacked from software engineering, specifically from pre-built CMS Open Source projects that advise the opposite.  “Don’t Hack The Core.” It’s the foundation of my structured theory of innovation.

Don’t Hack The Core is actually very good advice in large, complex multiuser software systems. You can “hook” into the system to add or change functionality without touching the core software set, kind of like connectors and cables for your iPhone. This is good engineering practice and much more scalable, reliable, predicable, and maintainable. . . .

However, when you’re trying to innovate change to create something new,something compelling, you must Hack The Core. More accurately, you must go into the core functions of existing systems, thought processes and user interfaces and surgically modify the right pieces to vastly improve the status quo. Think of radical new car designs or the iPhone or iPad when they arrived in our lives.

Those were amazing innovations! Those designers hacked the core of what then existed. Hacking the core of a software system requires some skill and bold thinking. It can be very risky, but can also create enormous benefits in performance and uniqueness. The same is true in business, and in building a startup or any small business. Hacking the core of status quo business practices is actually essential to stay ahead. Audacity, courage, risk taking, thinking differently – all those traits are required as more and more people enter the competitive world of entrepreneur-

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Remembering Bob Marley
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Below is a trailer of the Marley documentary and a video for one of my favorite Marley songs.

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