CLBR #220: Raj Chauhan on HomeMe and Returning to Silicon Beach


Raj Chauhan on HomeMe and Returning to Silicon Beach

Raj Chauhan, CRO of HomeMe joins us to discuss this innovative app and his return to Silicon Beach.  For the past four years, Raj had been in San Francisco where he was President for North America and Europe for AdSlot.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2015  by veterans of the tech and real estate industries, HomeMe is a newer, faster way to rent an apartment. Designed to streamline the daunting rental application process, our pre-approval system makes renting an apartment refreshingly easy for both renters and managers, saving time and money by pairing users with the perfect rental.

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HomeMe, launching today in the app store, is a new mobile app that flips the script on the rental market.

Co-founded serial entrepreneur and executive heavyweight Mark Douglas — a co-founder of the company who previously served as the chief technology officer of eHarmony and the Rubicon Project; was one of the founding members of the Oracle Applications Division; and is also the current chief executive of the hundred-million dollar per-year ad-tech gorilla SteelHouse (dude is baller) — HomeMe allows you to enter your information and then only shows you apartments that you’re pre-qualified to rent.

What’s more… it’s free for renters.  It’s a genius idea, and frankly, I’m not sure why anyone hasn’t done it before.

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In addition to AdSlot, Raj has held senior positions at a number of major players in the adtech space including:

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