CLBR #218: Feedonomics and IAPP

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Segment 1:  Robert Roizen, CTO Feedonomics

robert1Robert Foizen explains why Los Angeles-based Feedonomics has become one of the top platforms for online shopping feeds.  Feedonomics is a shopping feed platform used to optimize raw data and feed to multiple channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, Bing, and hundreds more!

Tw: @Feedonomics

Segment Two:  IAPP and News Updates

We’re broadcasting live from the IAPP and will have updates on the day’s sessions.

IAPP Update: FBI GC Answers Questions on Apple and Encryption

FCC Launches Privacy Rulemaking

Shout Out and Remembrances

How to Move to Canada

Fusion does a great profile behind the “move to Canada” craze caused by the Presidential election.

Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

The 1990’s were the second age of Genocide and nowhere was it worse than Rwanda.

From Wikipedia:

During the remainder of April and early May, the Presidential Guard, gendarmerie and the youth militia, aided by local populations, continued killing at a very high rate. Gerard Prunier estimates that during the first six weeks, up to 800,000 Rwandans may have been murdered, representing a rate five times higher than during the Holocaust of Nazi Germany