CLBR #217: Dan Tynan on Privacy, Twitter Cake and More

Dan Tynan on Privacy, Twitter Cake and More

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Veteran tech journalist Dan Tynan returns to talk about some of the latest breaking stories including:


The Apple Privacy Battle

Who are the winners and losers now that the FBI has cracked the Apple Code.


SXSW and the Debate Over Cyber Harassment

Dan attended the controversial and heavily guarded cyber harassment summit at SXSW.

This week Massachusetts Congresswoman Clark sparked a debate over Genius’ anti-harassment tools.  Read More.



Location Tracking – What You Need to Know

“In the past, you could walk into a store, buy something, go to the bank, come home, change your shirt, then go out for coffee later, and there was very little to tie how you spent your morning to how you spent the rest of your day,” Soltani says.  Read More.



Thoughts on Twitter’s 10th Anniversary

We hit bottom with Gamergate. You really screwed the pooch on that one. It turns out that building a free-speech platform without adult supervision creates the perfect playground for anonymous jerks to run wild. Whatever. You forgot the Peter Parker Principle: With great power comes great responsibility. You waited too long to respond and did too little to stop the abuse.  Read More.



Apple Ransomware Case: What It Means

Because it’s the first piece of ransomware to successfully target Apple computers. Nearly all malware affects Windows machines. In part that’s because Windows software has traditionally been more vulnerable than Macintosh software, but it’s mostly because Windows software is a much bigger target; Windows PCs outnumber Macs by more than nine to one. From now on, though, Apple users must face the fact that their machines are at risk, too. Read More.

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From Belgium to Pakistan to Yemen to Iraq, we condemn the savagery and pray for the victims.


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