Next CLBR: Harry Nelson and Digital Medicine

Harry Nelson and Digital Medicine

One area where the internet is revolutionizing services,but which is often overlooked, is in medicine and health care.  This week we explore this issue with an lawyer who has been at the forefront in this field – as a lawyer, entrepreneur and thought leader.

10700298_1622313464662662_4823694429841067390_oHarry Nelson
Nelson Hardiman

Los Angeles, California

Website / Twitter: @nelsonhardiman

Clients hire Harry Nelson because he has a virtually unparalleled fund of knowledge and experience at the intersection of healthcare compliance, business operations and risk management. Harry began his career as an associate and then partner in the Chicago-based law firm, Butler Rubin, where he represented university academic medical centers on a broad range of business and regulatory matters. Harry joined what was then a solo practice focusing on physician licensing and grew into one of the premier healthcare law firms on the West Coast, expanding the firm’s services to represent clients across virtually every sector of the healthcare industry in a broad range of litigation, transactional, and regulatory matters.

Harry has a track record of real leadership at the nexus of healthcare and business challenges, focusing on federal and state regulatory compliance, business strategy, and developing practical solutions to vexing industry problems. He regularly advises a broad range of healthcare, life science, and technology companies (as well as their investors). Harry has deep experience working with entrepreneurial healthcare ventures, including telehealth issues and new business models. He is known as an attorney who is passionate about the healthcare industry and deeply invested in his clients’ success.

Beyond legal work, Harry’s work has led to the outgrowth of several innovative and now independent consulting and technology ventures that reflect his thought leadership at the forefront of healthcare compliance and business solutions. He brings a creative and proactive approach, often structuring transactions and businesses to solve problems that clients had previously deemed insoluble. Harry also has extensive experience defending government investigations and enforcement actions, and has forged strong relationships with regulators across many healthcare sectors.

His practice has extended to counseling healthcare companies in matters related to professional and facility licensing (including physicians, behavioral health, long-term care, and pharmacies), Medicare and private insurance reimbursement,

FDA and DEA compliance, HIPAA and data privacy and security issues. He has developed extensive resources to facilitate compliance, including the development of compliance programs for hundreds of healthcare businesses.


Harry Nelson has no relationship to Harry Nilsson, but that does not mean we cannot plug and oldie but goodie.