CLBR #215: Digital Medicine with Harry Nelson

Digital Medicine with Harry Nelson

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10700298_1622313464662662_4823694429841067390_oHarry Nelson
Nelson Hardiman

Los Angeles, California

Website / Twitter: @nelsonhardiman

One area where the internet is revolutionizing services but which is often overlooked is in medicine and health care.  This week we explore this issue with an lawyer who has been at the forefront in this field – as a lawyer, entrepreneur and thought leader.

Harry has a track record of real leadership at the nexus of healthcare and business challenges, focusing on federal and state regulatory compliance, business strategy, and developing practical solutions to vexing industry problems. He regularly advises a broad range of healthcare, life science, and technology companies (as well as their investors). Beyond legal work, Harry’s work has led to the outgrowth of several innovative and now independent consulting and technology ventures that reflect his thought leadership at the forefront of healthcare compliance and business solutions.

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