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Lessons for Life from Snow White Bui

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Technology is changing the way we live and our lives in ways we probably do not fully appreciate.  From time to time we check in with guests from the community who have taken a step back to look at it what this all means on a larger scale.  For example, during our first season we featured William Powers to talk about his book “Hamlet’s Blackberry:Building a Good Life in the Digital Age.”

qllluecbThis week we feature Snow White Bui (yes that is her real name).  After working long hours at a start-up for a four years, Snow White quit her job to take time off for herself. She spent several months living in different parts of California and recently returned from a four-month long solo ‘field-trip’ around the country where she visited 25 states, met hundreds of people and learned the history of each region.

Snow White is the curator of a project called Lessons for Life, a grassroots effort that seeks to inspire reflection, encourage the sharing of important life learnings and foster human connection. Individuals from all walks of life are asked one question: “What are the three things you wish you knew when you were younger?”



In Fall 2013, SoulPancake made a series of videos around Lessons for Life which in total garnered over 300k views.

In 2014, she was a nominee for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Women Making a Difference” Award.

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wikiWikipedia Turns 15!

Wikipedia turned 15 on Friday.,  Today it is ranked among the ten most popular websites and constitutes the Internet’s largest and most popular general reference work.  Thanks to Wikipedia and Dan Tyan for the birthday cake.

slack_416x416Bravo to Slack CEO for MLK Day Message

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield sent to a message to all employees on Sunday night about the upcoming Martin Luther King Day that has gone viral.

Despite the fact there have been areas of progress great and small, it is still, shamefully, far from finished. And it is on all of us to see it through. There is only us, the people. And if we truly value solidarity at this company it is a good time to recognize, and remember, and recommit to standing with the people who lost their livelihoods, their limbs, and even their lives, merely asking for something as simple and basic and obvious as equal rights and equal protections under the law.

meanBravo to MEANS founder Maria Rose Belding

Maria Rose Belding is a 20-year-old pre-med student at American University who created the MEANS (Matching Excess And Need for Stability) Database.  She has been selected as a 2015 Loreal Women of Worth Honoree.

Happy Birthday ACLU!

The American Civil Liberties Union turns 96 today.  Happy Birthday and thanks!

Zeroes – Anyone Who Uses These Passwords

QWERTY’ and ’123456′ Top List of 2015′s (Worst) Passwords, WSJ Tech (Jan 19).