Next CLBR: 2015 Heroes and Zeroes with Tynan & Christensen

Tynan-Christensen Return for Year End Heroes and Zeroes

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As we do every year, we end the year with a light-hearted review of the cyber heroes and zeros of the year.


Our frequent guests Dan Tynan and Brenda Christensen will be the judges.

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I have listed below my nominees for 2015 Heroes and Zeroes and our judges are sure to add or even subtract from this list.


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Notes:(1) FCC Approves Net Neutrality and Preempts State Muni-Broadband Restrictions, Cyber Report (Mar. 2, 2015); (2) John Oliver Is the Most Powerful Tech Lobbyist in the Country, National Journal (Apr. 20, 2015); (3) House backs Rep. Clark (D-MA)’s request that DOJ prioritize online harassment investigations, Hot Air (May 29, 2015); (4) Max Schrems: the law student who took on Facebook, Reuters (Oct. 7, 2015).

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Notes: (1) California Adopts Landmark Digital Privacy Law, Cyber Report (Nov. 8, 2015);  Cal AG Harris Launches Cyber Exploitation Initiative, Cyber Report (Oct. 14, 2015); AB 24 is simply conmmon-sense legislation that is badly needed; Contra Costa Times (May 18, 2015); Serial’ podcast creators made 15-year-old murder case a cultural phenomenon, Cleveland Plain Dealer (Sep. 2, 2015)

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Notes: (1) Daniel Pearl Award to Charlie Hebdo; (2) 9th Circuit Holds DMCA Take Down Notices Must Account for Fair Use, Cyber Report (Sep. 15, 2015); (3) 51 Favourite Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly’s First Six Months in Space, io9 (Sep. 15, 2015); (4) CLBR #181: Meet the Producer Whose Unaired Doc Has Cost Yelp Millions, Cyber Law and Business Report (May 5, 2015); When No One RSVP’d To This Teen’s Birthday Bash, Thousands Of Internet Heroes Partied With Him Instead, Huffington Post (Mar. 25, 2015)


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Notes: (1)Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist, Washington Post (Dec. 1, 2015);(2) Hacks of OPM databases compromised 22.1 million people, federal authorities say, Washington Post (Jul. 9, 2015);(3)  Ashley Madison Users Face Threats of Blackmail and Identity Theft, New York Times (Aug. 27, 2015); (4)Redskins Owner Dan Snyder: “I Will Never Change The Name Despite Court Ruling That it is Offensive, Inquisitr (July 8, 2015); (5) A Primer on the Ellen Pao Trial, Cyber Report (April 15, 2015); (6) If Apple didn’t hold $181B overseas, it would owe $59B in US taxes, Ars Technica (Oct. 7, 2015)

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Notes: (1)Cyber Bites #198: Francoise Gilbert Navigates The Tempest Over US-EU Safe Harbor, Cyber Law and Business Report (Oct. 25, 2015); (2)  Saudi Arabia Continues Human Rights Crackdown, BGK Blog (Oct. 26, 2015); (3) Protests in Bangladesh after the fifth murder of a secular blogger this year, Fusion (Nov. 2, 2015);  (4) CLBR #203: Battling Mexico’s Cartels Online with Rafa Fernandez De Castro, Cyber Law and Business Report (Dec. 2, 2015);(5) Anonymous trolls ISIS with #Daeshbags hashtag, CNBC (Dec. 11, 2015); (6)  Anthony Elonis is back in jail on federal violation, WFMZ (May 29, 2015); (7) Vanessa Kachadurian: Cyber Harassment Poster Child, Cyber Report.