CLBR #190: US Chamber of Commerce’s Tami Overby on the TPP

 US Chamber of Commerce’s Tami Overby on the TPP

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overby_tami_2014_rgb_3x4Featured Segment: Tami Overby on the TPP

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Senior Vice President for Asia Tami Overby joins us to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.  The US Chamber of Commerce is an active supporter of the TPP,  although there is opposition to the treaty within the tech community.  See Featured Segment blog post.


Massachusett’s Attorney General Brings Landmark Cyber Harassment Complaint

Massachusett’s Attorney General Maura Healey has invoked the state’s criminal harassment statute to prosecute an online campaign of intimidation and harassment campaign by a businessman against a company that had a $30 million judgment against him.

 We allege that this defendant caused significant financial and emotional distress to the victim through an online campaign of harassment.  We will not tolerate people hiding behind their computer screens and committing criminal intimidation or harassment.

This is the first time the AG’s Office has used the criminal harassment statute for conduct that allegedly occurred online.  (Press Release)

FTC Releases Cyber-Security Guide, Announces Road-Show for Start-Ups

I have often said one of the best guides for cyber security practices is past FTC consent decrees.  The FTC has now package a guidebook for business – Start with Security: A Guide for Business – that summarizes lessons learned from the more than 50 data security settlements. The guidebook synthesizes the lessons into 10 common-sense lessons that apply to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

The FTC also announced it would hold workshops in San Francisco and Austin to promote Security for Start-Ups.  (See related blog post.)

Shout Outs

Congratulations to Kalika Yap, EO Featured Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur and client, Kalika Yap is the cover feature of the June Octane Magazine, the magazine of Entrepreneurs Organization.

Congratulations to Kat Holmes, PanAm Games Gold Medal Winner

Kat Holmes won the Fencing Gold Medal at the Pan Am Games.  Her proud mother, Lorrie Marcil, is an attorney at Sidley & Austin in Washington, D.C.

Happy Birthday Cleveland

The city of Lebron James turns 219 today.  While it is much maligned and it has had more than its fair share of civic heartache, it actually is a city with considerable charm.