Featured Segment: Free Press’ Craig Aaron on Net Neutrality

The Battle over Net Neutrality

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craig2.jpgCraig Aaron
President and CEO, Free Press

Over the past years, we have had many discussions about Net Neutrality with both proponents and opponents.  One of the leading proponents for Net Neutrality has been Free Press and last February we spoke with Free Press’ Timothy Karr following the DC Circuit’s opinion invalidating the last FCC Net Neutrality order.

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With the Federal Communications Commission set to vote tomorrow on a new net neutrality proposal, we will talk with Free Press’ CEO about this very important issue.

Issue Background

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  2. Internet Law Center comments Submitted to FCC (7/15/14)
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  4. DC Circuit Overturns FCC Net Neutrality Rules: Analysis and Reactions (1/16/14)\
  5. Outline of New FCC Proposal

6.  Congressional Research Service Report on Net Neutrality

7.  Entrepreneurs Reject Mark Cuban’s Statements on Net Neutrality

8.  FreePress, President Obama and Ted Cruz on Net Neutrality

About Craig Aaron

Craig has led Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund since 2011. He joined Free Press in 2004 and speaks across the country about media activism and the future of journalism and the Internet. Craig is quoted often in the national press on media and technology issues and is a frequent guest on TV and the radio. His commentaries appear regularly in The Huffington Post, and he has written for The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Hill, MSNBC, Politico, The Progressive, the Seattle Times, Slate and many others. Before joining Free Press, he was an investigative reporter for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch and the managing editor of In These Times magazine. He is the editor of two books, Appeal to Reason: 25 Years of In These Times and Changing Media: Public Interest Policies for the Digital Age. He is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Follow him on Twitter @notaaroncraig.

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