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magazineaac746bb87d964b1ed69937bc3bcfdfaed9b1a8cCLBR #169: The FTC, the IofT and Privacy

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Joseph Jerome, Policy Counsel for the Future of Privacy Forum joins us to discuss the FTC’s recent staff report on the privacy implications of the Internet of Things.  The Future of Privacy Forum

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) is a Washington, DC based think tank that seeks to advance responsible data practices. The forum is led by Internet privacy expert Jules Polonetsky, a frequent CLBR guest.

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REVENGE2Landmark Victories for Revenge Porn Opponents

  • Kevin Bollaert was convicted by a San Diego County jury of 27 felony counts of identity theft and extortion in connection with a revenge porn operation. He faces up to 20 years in prison.
  • Craig Brittain entered into a settlement with the FTC requiring him to permanently delete all of the images and other personal information he received during the time he operated the site. He will also be prohibited from publicly sharing intimate videos or photographs of people without their affirmative express consent, as well as being prohibited from misrepresenting how he will use any personal information he collects online.

Writing in the Atlantic, Danielle Citron and Woodrow Hartzog stressed the importance of these victories:

There is a budding movement, underscored by this recent FTC complaint, recognizing that information shared in confidential relationships deserves protection. California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris is prosecuting revenge-porn businesses exploiting confidential communications for financial ends. (Yesterday, the jury convicted revenge-porn operator Kevin Bollaert on several charges of extortion and identity theft.) Businesses are now on notice that it is illegal to exploit information shared in confidence and with an expectation of privacy. Stalking-app providers and revenge-porn site operators should heed the warning: Repurposing confidential relationships, and the information shared in them, for commercial gain could prompt action by consumer-protection agencies.

RipOffReport Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Iowa Prosecutor, the infamous smear site that has been called “mechanized defamation” and compared to “social waterboarding,” has filed a civil rights action against an Iowa county prosecutor in what appears to be a desperate attempt to prevent the indictment of its founder Ed Magedson.

FCC Puts Speed Back in High-Speed Internet

The FCC has increased the definition of broadband internet from 4 Mbps downstream to 25 Mbps.

Raef Badawi Update

Saudi blogger Raef Badawi remains imprisoned and his health is deteriorating after receiving the first 50 of the 1,000 lashes he was scheduled to receive.  In a positive development, Badawi’s co-founder of the online Saudi Liberal Network – Suad al-Shammari, was released on Sunday after three months in prison.  She was never formally charged but freed after signing a pledge “to reduce her activities”.

Shout Outs and Observances

rosa6n-2-webLegendary Birthdays

1902 – Aviator Charles A. Lindbergh

1913 – Rosa Parks

2004 – Facebook

Congratulations New England Patriots

A big shout out to the New England Patriots for completing a dominating year with a Super Bowl victory.  Seahawk fans should read FiveThirtyEight’s analysis of the coaching strategy at the end of the game before they run Pete Carroll out of town.  Even if you don’t like the play called, he didn’t throw the interception.

World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Today.  Learn more about what you can do to fight this terrible disease.

In addition, we support our friend Eric Goldman as his wife fight’s lung cancer.  They recently spoke about their fight in a television interview.