Today CLBR #167: Nimble’s Jon Ferrara and Robert Ellis Smith on Privacy

Today CLBR #167: Nimble’s Jon Ferrara and Robert Ellis Smith on Privacy

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Like the old song, “I Was Country (When Country Wasn’t Cool)”, both of our guests today were pioneers in their fields way before it even became a field.

Segment 1: Jon Ferrara on Nimble, Social Selling and Mae West

Jon Ferrara is a CRM evangelist and Founder of Nimble, a top rated CRM solution from Santa Monica.

Segment 2: Return of the Privacy Paragon from Providence (Robert Ellis Smith)

Fred Gross wrote that

Robert Ellis Smith was in the privacy field before the field was even defined.

Robert Ellis Smith’s Privacy Journal is one of the oldest newsletters in North America and he will give us an update on President Obama’s privacy plan and other recent developments.

Next Week:  ISSA-LA’s Stan Stahl on Cyber Security

News Updates/Shout Outs

Saudi Arabia Postpones Second Round of Flogging of Badawi Raif, Supreme Court to Review Case

Not only is Badawi’s punishment utterly disproportionate to his crime, but his crime shouldn’t even be considered a crime.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on Winning the AFC Championship.  And to:

  • Coach Belichick for setting record for most career playoff victories; and
  • QB Tom Brady who took the NFL lead for conference championship wins at six and passed Peyton Manning for the lead in postseason passing yards.

Commemorations/Today in History

Today is National Hugging Day

From their website:

National Hugging Day, occasionally shortened to National Hug Day, was first widely celebrated in 1986 after being published in Chase’s Calender of Annual Events.  Since that time, National Hugging Day has continued to grow internationally leading some to suggest the observance be renamed International Hug Day or International Hugging Day.

National Hugging Day was initially created for family and friends to hug often and freely with one another.  Celebrate National Hugging Day Every Day !!!

Reasonable care should be taken with those who are either uncomfortable with public affection or their reaction to a hug is unknown.  In those situations, it is advised to ask first before hugging.

There is an abundance of past and current research available that finds positive touch, such as hugging, improves one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Citizens United Turns 5

January 21, 2010 – Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission finding that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation. The principles articulated by the Supreme Court in the case have also been extended to for-profit corporations,labor unions and other associations.