CLBR #161: Good and Evil in Tech

Good and Evil in Tech


Ryan Scott – Causecast

Causecast is a pro-social software company. The company provides an online system that helps businesses and organizations manage community giving, employee volunteering, donations, matching, rewarding and cause campaigns ranging from disaster relief to competitive corporate crowdfunding. Since its launch in 2007, Causecast has partnered with a broad range of businesses, including clients in technology, financial services and manufacturing.

Causecast was formed by Ryan Scott, who – as the co-founder of NetCreations – is widely considered the father of opt-in email marketing. Ryan founded Causecast in 2007 to bring sophisticated technology to volunteer and giving programs. Ryan’s commitment to community engagement around social change also led him to form the Impact and Education sections of the Huffington Post with Arianna Huffington.


MarketWatch’s Therese Poletti wrote that

Uber exemplifies the cowboy capitalism that both Silicon Valley venture capitalists and Wall Street investment bankers adore. It is disrupting an antiquated industry that was in need of a shakeup, and one impact has been improved taxi service. But perhaps the only way for Uber to learn that its obnoxious behavior is unacceptable is for consumers take their business elsewhere.

See Uber Reeling From Privacy Scandal.

The suit by Rachel Kremer, filed in Orange County on Monday, accuses supervisors at the company’s Irvine office of cultivating an “adult frat house” culture and refusing to take action when she reported the offensive behavior. Kremer also accuses the Seattle-based company of firing her for bringing the harassment to light.

Online firm Zillow ranked female employees by breast size, created ‘adult frat house’ culture: Lawsuit

The abuse of Sarkeesian is maybe the most damning example of the misogynistic overtones of #GamerGate — from the second she opened her mouth on the topic of gaming tropes, she’s been a target.