CLBR #157: Special Election Edition with Mike O’Neil and Lara M Brown

U.S. Capitol at Dusk


The Results Are In – What Does it Mean?

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My Take

2014 Post Mortem – Quick Thoughts From Reliable Sources


Mike has over 30 years experience in designing, conducting, and analyzing opinion research projects. He has overseen hundreds of research projects for a wide range of clients, including major national corporations; law firms; national unions; major utilities; hospitals and other healthcare providers; various Federal, State, County and city agencies; and educational institutions, from universities to community-college districts and school districts.

He is also an alum of Brown University in my hometown of Providence, RI where the ever amusing and twice convicted former Mayor Vincent Cianci is seeking to regain his old job.

Mike’s Sneak Preview – Incumbency Will Mean Nothing and he knows the “secret sauce” that explains all the results.”

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Lara M. Brown, Ph.D., is an associate professor and serves as the program director for the Political Management Program in The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at The George Washington University. Her research interests include national elections, presidential aspirants, congressional incumbents and political scandals. Dr. Brown is also a regular contributor to U.S. News & World Report’sThomas Jefferson Street” blog.

Dr. Brown also served in President William J. Clinton’s administration at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

Lara’s Sneak Preview -North Carolina’s Senate Race is close and I’m looking to see if the Libertarian candidate’s support drops down to 1-2% — if so, then this race is probably going to Tillis (R).

I’m also going to be watching New Mexico to see if their Senate race becomes a “surprise upset” in favor of the GOP.  No one has focused on this race, and yet Obama’s approval rating in NM is down to 39% and with Martinez set to win a solid reelection, her coattails might pull the Senate race over in favor of Weh (polls had him within single digits of Udall).

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