CLBR #150: Legendary Sports Writer Scott Zucker Previews Fall Sports Season




413784_10151341226187854_496756459_oScott Zucker, former Assistant Managing Editor of USA Today Sports and my fraternity big brother, joins us to celebrate our 150th episode with a discussion on the latest in sports and a preview of the 2014 Football Season.

Scott has covered some classic sporting events, including Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig’s record and countless Super Bowls.

What Are the Events He Will Never Forget?

How Has the Internet and Social Media Changed Sports and Sports Coverage?[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Watch-The-Pats-Win-Football 2014

  • The Redskin Controversy
  • Who Will the Patriots Beat in the Super Bowl?
  • The Battle Over the Black Out Rule

Baseball Post Season

  • Beltway or 5 Freeway World Series?
  • Dodgers TV Controversy

203454628Owner Controversies

  • Jerry Jones is the latest owner to become embroiled in controversy
  • Others include Dan Snyder, Jim Irsay, Donald Sterling and Bruce Levenson

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