CLBR Congratulations to Walter O’Brien


Irish-born computer whiz and hacker turned entrepreneur Walter O’Brien (aka Scorpion), who regaled us with his story of how he hacked NASA at the age of 12, has found a much larger audience for his exploits. CBS has adapted Walter’s story into a new fall series – Scorpion.

Scorpion accompanies an eccentric genius and his team join a government agency to combat the new threats facing America in the digital age. 

Inspired by a true story, Scorpion is a peculiar series, full of humor and adrenaline that follows an eccentric genius and his team of nerds wonders. They are called by Homeland Security, and its task is to deal with the complex threats of the modern era. Geniuses in the missions, they end up not being that good in their social lives. Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick and Katharine McPhee make up the cast. Written by Nick Santora, of “Prison Break” and “Breakout Kings”, the plot has the direction of Justin Lin (Fast & Furious).

Walter was one of our earliest guests and was featured on our first anniversary edition.  I will never forget walking through the details of coming home from school the day he hacked NASA.

We could not be happier for him!.

Walter’s CLBR Appearances

October 18, 2011 and January 18, 2012

Dangerous Software and

SOPA Protests to Hacked Sites

January 18, 2012