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CLBR’s resident soccer expert Joe Brickner and his wife Isabelle De Ruyt have traveled professionally to war-torn places such as Afghanistan.  Who would have thought that potentially the most dangerous place they might be was their very own living room – when Joe’s USA team took on Isabelle’s Belgium in the knockout round of the World Cup.

The couple talk about what it was like to watch the game together and Isabelle sheds light on what it felt like to be Belgian in Washington while the nation went gaga over its soccer heroes.

We also talk about Ann Coulter’s ridiculous charge that the growing success of soccer in the U.S. is a sure sign of its moral decline, a point I blogged on earlier in the week in “Ann Coulter Deserves a Penalty Kick

Isabelle works at the United Nations, while Joe is a Senior Democracy and Governance Advisor at the United States Agency for International Development and an avid soccer fan.

The USA lost to Belgium 2-1 in a thrilling overtime match in which American goalkeeper Tim Howard set a World Cup record for saves in a remarkable performance.  The game was the second most watched men’s soccer game in U.S. history, second only to last week’s tie with Portugal that aired on a weekend.

We talked previously about this being the first social media World Cup and the reaction to the game bears this out.

And how about this Tweet by @chessninja: “Daddy, why do we burn waffles in the town square every July 1?”

But it is time to make nice with our Belgian friends.  See 16 Reasons You Can’t Totally Hate on Belgium.


CLBR was honored to be nominated by the Los Angeles Press Club for Best Public Affairs Talk Show, particulary when the other nominees included Warren Olney – the Walter Cronkite of Southern California Radio.

We congratulate Charles Feldman and crew over at KNX for their winning segment on “Healthcare Uncovered”.

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Supreme Court to hear Amazon Tax Appeal,  The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of the 11th Circuit reversal of an injunction obtained against the Colorado Amazon Tax.  More details later.