CLBR Today: AdTech Spotlight Winner OnRoute Digital Media


Startup Focus:  OnRoute Digital Media

Shane Bogardus, the President/Co-Founder of OnRoute Digital Media, joins us from Syracuse to discuss his company’s taking home the top prize AdTech San Francisco.]
According to press release:
OnRoute Digital Media, a mobile location aware company and creator of the BreadKrum Trail platform, announced today that they have won the startup spotlight competition at this year’s ad:tech conference in San Francisco.
Among the list of many early stage startup companies, OnRoute competed to win the attention and interest of Big Heart Pet Brands and the marketing team at Meow Mix Cat Food. The team was judged on relevancy in message delivery and disruption with new ways of communicating to consumers. OnRoute showcased their solution of hyper local GPS and ibeacon technology to deliver contextual messages and offers to consumer’s smart phones from a mile away right up to a few inches. “From the Street to the Shelf” was the theme which highlighted the impact the platform has to engage consumers along the Path to Purchase. Shane Bogardus presented for the team at OnRoute and connected the value proposition of increasing brand affinity while reducing mitigation with the judging panel.
OnRoute’s BreadKrum Trail software platform is available via an SDK (software development kit) or through a white label native application to all interested brands or publishers of mobile content. Allowing any iOS or Android application integrated with the technology to deliver highly targeted contextual location based advertisements or messages.

“We are appreciative of the recognition and very excited that our solution was confirmed as way for brands to engage and deliver the call to action that has real value to their customers which in turn drives revenue growth for the brand,” says Shane Bogardus, Co-founder of OnRoute.

Shane is a 20 year Media and Marketing Professional within the broadcast and digital industry working for Clear Channel, Citadel Broadcasting and Cumulus Media. Shane’s career spans work in the Television industry with NBC and Fox Networks in the 90s in production and campaign marketing design.