Next on CLBR Tom Nora StartUp Guru and Author


Last year a Quora user posed the Question:

What are the best-kept secrets about startups?

Tom Nora got everyone’s attention with the following answer:

Almost everything startup leaders say is either a guess, untrue, conjecture, hope, or made up on the spot. Really! It’s the nature of the game.

This week on CLBR we talk about start ups, innovation and Silicon Beach with a true visionary and startup veteran.  Tom joined us last year live from SXSW.

Tom has been a technology executive and advisor for over 25 years, from startup to Fortune 100.  Past employers include 3M Corporation, Mentor Graphics, Roguewave Software, Rarefied Technologies, MediaUnbound Inc., Harris Semiconduct withor, Augat Inc. and others.  He also is a lifelong fine art photographer and oil painter.  Check out his blog at


  • Last summer we spoke with  with Kirch Buckner of and lamented the exclusion of Ray Guy – the best punter in NFL history – from the pro football Hall of Fame.  This weekend, Guy’s ticket to Canton was finally punched.
  • Shame on NYT’s Eilene Zimmerman for his Silicon Beach post that began;  “as a city, Los Angeles has been better known more for sprawl, gang violence and Botox than its tech start-up scene.” OK, so Gotham City has a little chip on its shoulder about the city of the 21st century.  We get it.  Over-Hyped?  Ever hear of the Brooklyn Renaissance?  One commenter responded that the Los Angeles Times should reciprocate with: “As a city, New York has been better known more for its sweatbox summers, outrageously overpriced tenements, post-rainstorm slightly sweet rotting garbage smell, and never ending self conscious need to justify living there by looking down on everyone else attitude than its tech start-up scene.
  • Check out Cyber Report  our firm newsletter released yesterday.