CLBR #111: NSA Blowback for US Business

NSA Blowback for US Business


  • Dan Castro, Senior Analyst, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and
  • Dan Tynan, Award-winning columnist


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It has been five months since Edward Snowden and NSA operations such as PRISM first splashed across the front pages worldwide.  During this period, the scope of the scandal has only grown through nearly weekly revelations of further NSA transgressions.  While the “golden rule” of scandal management is prompt and full disclosure, the NSA scandal presents a challenge because of the classified nature of much of the information. As a result, the scandal has dragged on and in the process has eroded consumer confidence in the web and harmed US web enterprises.


Segment 1: Dan Castro, ITIF

(1) Daniel Castro is the author of  study by the The Informational Technology & Innovation Foundation that estimates that PRISM and NSA Surveillance will cost the U.S. cloud computing industry $22-35 billion over the next 3 years.

Daniel Castro is a Senior Analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and Director of the Center for Data Innovation. Mr. Castro writes and speaks on a variety of issues related to information technology and internet policy, including privacy, security, intellectual property, internet governance, e-government, and accessibility for people with disabilities. His work has been quoted and cited in numerous media outlets, including The Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalNPRUSA TodayBloomberg News, andBusinessweek. In 2013, Mr. Castro was named to FedScoop’s list of “Top 25 most influential people under 40 in government and tech.”

Before joining ITIF, Mr. Castro worked as an IT analyst at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) where he audited IT security and management controls at various government agencies. He contributed to GAO reports on the state of information security at a variety of federal agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In addition, Mr. Castro was a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he developed virtual training simulations to provide clients with hands-on training of the latest information security tools.

He has a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and an M.S. in Information Security Technology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Segment 2: Dan Tynan

Dan Tynan is contributing editor at InfoWorld, author of the Tynan on Technology blog, and co-founder of eSarcasm, an award-winning geek humor site. Dan Tynan has been writing and editing stories about technology and its discontents for more than 20 years. During that time he’s been an editor in chief and an executive editor for national magazines, written for more than 50 publications, and taken home a closet full of awards

Dan recently authored What do you do when some nut job is pretending to be you on Twitter?  Hope the legal system catches up with them before they catch up with you., IT World.

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