An Entrepreneurial View of SXSW with Tom Nora


In Segment 2, we discuss the South by Southwest Scene with Tom Nora on location in Austin.
As the infographic (bottom) and a 2012 SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST CITY OF AUSTIN ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYSIS explains below,  what was once a regional music festival, South by Southwest is now a music, film and interactive media extravaganza.

The primary components of SXSW (Music, Film, and Interactive) delivered a depth and breadth of creative
activity unmatched by any event in the world: 9 days of industry conferences, a 4-day trade show, a 4-day
music gear expo, a 6-night music festival (2,200 artists on more than 100 stages), and a 9-day/night film
festival (more than 425 screenings in 11 theatres). At 147,000, the total number of SXSW Conference and
Festival participants (defined as any individual who attended at least one SXSW activity) set a new record.

SXSW is about convergence, which is precisely what is driving the enormous growth in Sillicon Beach and who better to explain SXSW than a Sillicon Beach startup expert like Tom Nora.


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Tom has been a technology executive and advisor for over 25 years, from startup to Fortune 100.

Past employers include 3M Corporation, Mentor Graphics, Roguewave Software, Rarefied Technologies, MediaUnbound Inc., Harris Semiconductor, Augat Inc. and others.

Tom is Acting CEO of neoREY which is a new Sillicon Beach startup  that is aiming to revolutionize the way we access websites, email boxes, home doors. The new system will replace all the keys of the world by using biometrical identification

He also is a lifelong fine art photographer and oil painter.

Check out his blog at

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