Next Show 11/14 – Day in History


Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick is published.



USC Trojans play first football game.  They have won 786 games since then (9th highest total), but to get 787 they will have to beat cross-town rival UCLA this Saturday at the Rose Bowl.


End of the Battle of the Somme which was one of the bloodiest battles of all time with over 1 million killed.


After 68 consecutive days of bombing London, the German Lufwaffe blitz the town of Coventry destroying 75 percent of its buildings including a 14th century cathedral.

POST SCRIPT: It is believed that the fire bombing of Dresden in 1945 was Churchill’s revenge for Coventry. Following the blitz, the Cathedral’s Provost etched the words “Father forgive” into the ruins of the sanctuary wall and above it erected a cross made out of three original nails that survived the bombing.  The Cross of Nails has become a sign of Christian hope and reconciliation and a Coventry Cross of Nails hangs today in Dresden’s cathedral.


Hungarian uprising crushed by Soviet Union.


Southern Airways plane crashes into West Virginia mountains killing 75 including members of the Marshall University football team.  The crash and school’s rebound was the topic of the 2006 film “We are Marshall”.


First trains for public run through the English Channel Tunnel aka Chunnel.


Budget standoff between President Clinton and Congressional Republicans forces federal government shut down, a move that ultimately backfired for the Republicans and Speaker Gingrich.


Northern Alliance fighters take over Afghanistan’s capital Kabul from Taliban – 38 days after U.S. offensive.


Claude Monet was born this day in 1840.


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