CLBR Today Rebroadcast – Today in History


I will be flying cross- country on Wednesday and so today’s broadcast will be a rebroadcast from prior show(s).

Nonetheless, below is an abbreviated today in history focusing only on some of those who died today given that it is Halloween.

It is also because I knew one of them – Paul Warnke, a former assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs for President Lyndon B. Johnson. Later, he became director of the U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency and chief negotiator in strategic arms talks with the Soviet Union during the Carter Administration.  He ended his legal career where I began mine and he was a very charming, welcoming man (and his wife was equally engaging).   We both were early and staunch Clinton supporters.  Paul loved to talked politics and was a devoted Red Sox fan who actually saw Babe Ruth play for the Sox.

He died in 2001 at the age of 81.


Maurice Lucas – Basketball Great

Ted Sorensen – Kennedy speechwriter


Studs Terkel  – oral historian


Federico Fellini – Italian director

River Phoenix  – actor


Indira Ghandi – Indian Prime Minister


George Halas – Pappa Bear for the Chicago Bears


Harry Houdini – Magician


Egon Schiele – Expressionist Painter