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Here’s a peak at that day in history from an epic victory at Saratoga, to Olympic protest, the Oil Embargo, an Earthquake and October baseball drama.


Surrender at Saratoga

English General Burgoyne surrendered his army in one of the decisive turning points of the war. The American victory led to French and Spanish support for the War that ultimately ended almost 4 years to the date at Yorktown.


Thomas Edison files a patent for the Optical Phonograph (the first movie).


Al Capone convicted of tax evasion.


Albert Einstein flees Nazi Germany for the United States.


US Gold and Bronze Medal Winners in the 200 Meter Sprint, Tommie Smith and  John Carlos, are forced to forfeit their medals and leave the Olympics immediately after their famous black power protest during the medal ceremony the day before.


The OPEC Oil Embargo – an economic 9/11.


The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) implements what it calls “oil diplomacy” on this day in 1973: It prohibits any nation that had supported Israel in its “Yom Kippur War” with Egypt, Syria and Jordan from buying any of the oil it sells. The ensuing energy crisis marked the end of the era of cheap gasoline and caused the share value of the New York Stock Exchange to drop by $97 billion. This, in turn, ushered in one of the worst recessions the United States had ever seen. . . . As a result, the price of a barrel of oil went up to $11.65, 130 percent higher than it had been in October and 387 percent higher than it had been the year before.  Domestic oil prices increased too, but shortages persisted. People waited for hours in long lines at gas stations—at some New Jersey pumps, lines were four miles long!–and by the time the embargo ended in March 1974, the average retail price of gas had climbed to 84 cents per gallon from 38 cents per gallon. Sales of smaller, more fuel-efficient cars skyrocketed. At the same time, declining demand for the big, heavy gas-guzzlers that most American car companies were producing spelled disaster for the domestic auto industry.


Oakland A’s become only team other than Yankees to win 3 World Series in a row.


Mother Theresa of Calculta wins Nobel Peace Price.

Pittsburg Pirates’ “We Are Family” Crew led by Willie Stargell win the franchise’s 4th World Series beating the Baltimore Orioles in seven games —  exactly 8 years after their last World Series victory also in seven games over the Orioles.


A 7.1 earthquake hits the Bay Area just prior to Game 3 of the World Series between the Oakland As and San Francisco Giants and causing the upper deck of the Bay Bridge to collapse.


American League Championship Series Game 4 – the longest in ALCS history. With the Yankees looking to complete a sweep at Fenway Park, David Ortiz hits a home run in the 12th inning to spark the Red Sox’s improbable comeback en route to the franchise’s first World Series victory since 1918.


(Historic in Red)


Pope John Paul I – The 33-day Pope


Arthur Miller – Playwright


Rita Hayworth – Actress. Sex Symbol


Evel Knievel- daredevil


George Wendt – Norm from Cheers


Mike Judge – Beavis & Butthead Creator


Ziggy Marley – singer and son of reggae legend


Wyclef Jean – singer


Shauna O’Brien – B movie actress


Eminem – singer