Next Show – Aug 8 (Day in History)


In Hamilton, Ontario a man who was charged with beating his wife was deemed to be within his legal rights. Canadian judge, William McLeary cited the English Common Law made in 1879 which stated that a man has a right in certain cases to “chastise or confine” his wife.


Richard Nixon accepts Republican nomination in Miami Beach, Florida.


President Nixon announces in a televised speech to the nation that he will resign from office effective the next day.


US Secretary of State George Schultz narrowly escapes assassination attempt in Bolivia.

The 8888 Uprising begins in Burma while Aung San Suu Kyi was visiting her ailing mother.  The daughter of a the founder of modern Burma would begin her political involvement shortly thereafter and literally becomes the face of the movement.


Standard and Poor’s downgrades U.S. public debt.


79 – Mel Tillis

74 – Dustin Hoffman

73 – Connie Stevens

65 – Ken Dryden

56 = Celia Roth

50 – The Edge