May 9th Show: Today in History


Mike Wallace born in Brookline, Massachusetts.


German resistance figure Sophie  Scholl born.  She was killed in 1943.


FDA Announces it will approve birth control pill.


House Judiciary Committee opens impeachment hearings.  Chairman Rodino opened the hearing stating

I do not need to stress again the importance of our undertaking and the wisdom, decency and principle which we must bring to it.  We  understand our high constitutional responsibility.  We will faithfully live up to it.  For some time we have known that the real security of this Nation lies in the integrity of its institutions and the trust and informed confidence of its people.  We conduct our deliberations in this spirit.


Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro killed by Red Brigade after being held hostage.



 Bloodbath in San Salvador

At least 18 demonstrators are shot dead and many wounded after police opened fire on anti-government protesters in El Salvador.