Today we feature famed First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza to talk about putting the nail in Righthaven’s coffin.   Righthaven’s legacy is  lawsuits generating settlements of approximately $352,500 that have now resulted in the payment of sanctions and attorneys fees to defendants of approximately $225,172.15.  (See Righthaven Lawsuits for more information.)

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As described by Wikipedia:

Randazza has gained notoriety for his defense of the adult entertainment field and for handling high-profile free speech cases. He represented Anthony Ciolli, one of the administrators of AutoAdmit in the high profile case regarding that website, securing his dismissal from that case. He has represented the defendant in Beck v. Eiland-Hall, a case before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) filed by political commentator Glenn Beck, concerning a satire website parodying Beck. The WIPO arbitrator ruled against Beck in the case, and in favor of Randazza’s client. Citizen Media Law Project assistant director Sam Bayard said of the WIPO arbitrator’s decision, “It’s good to see that this WIPO arbitrator had no interest in allowing Beck to circumvent the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution.” He went on to congratulate Randazza, “Congratulations to Marc for this big victory and for his innovative brief that not only won the case, but also brought ‘spock ate my balls’ into the legal lexicon.”

It is fitting that Marc appears on the anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock and Roger Williams’ birthday as the tension between separation of church and state which Roger Williams brought to Providence after being expelled from Massachusetts and Puritanism is at the heart of some of his work today.

More Info:

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Being a Rhode Islander, I am keenly aware of the importance of Roger Williams in both founding the state and in shaping what ultimately became the First Amendment.  Below are two Huffington Post columns I wrote addressing the Christian Nation movement in this context.

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